Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad Luck Chair

I read recently on James Gurney's blog that too much green on the cover of a book spells death. Ooops. This is the cover (minus the text) of a middle grade novel for Dutton titled The Bad Luck Chair. The color green figured prominently in the story along with a lot of magic and mystery. The inside has a slew of black and white illustrations. Any resemblance to anyone you know is purely coincidental. It must be doing okay, they recently asked me to do another! I LOVE Dutton.


Kirsten said...

Hi Cindy!! Can you list all the books you've illustrated? I'd love to get them all for my kids' libraries.


Lacey, Ryan & Leif said...

Cindy, This is your niece by the way. I love your blog it is needless to say very CREATIVE! I love it immensely.