Friday, October 3, 2008

Rat Fink cover sketch

This is the cover sketch I will be sending to Dutton. The goal is to make the boy, (Logan) look a little rattish, but still cute...and the girl, (Emily) a "snot" but likeable in the end. So, I've given the boy, beady eyes, ragged hair, a long nose that ends rather small and two front teeth that are prominent. For the girl, an upturned nose and posture along with the down turned eyebrow help to make her look snobbish. I hope she still looks cute. Grandpa is in the background in his flowered towel, which in the end will be pink. The black boy is Malik, and what's in his backpack is the secret that turns Logan into a RAT FINK. What d'ya think?


Robyn said...

I like it! I especially like the snobby girl. Now, you know I happen to like rats, so I can't say that they have "beady" eyes, and "ragged" hair. =) I like his expression, though.

C&T Family said...

You are so talented!! I love it! Love ya, Tina