Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Cannon Ball

Sometimes on Saturday Matt takes me "garage sailing". I call it sailing because we sail around looking for sales. Matt has a nose for this kind of thing. Last Saturday we went to an estate sale in Del Rio. I found a few pieces of art that I really liked and...a cannon ball. After a little internet research I discovered that an etching Matt bought me for $10 was worth $150 and the cannon ball that he bought for $5 was worth about $375. What FUN!


Robyn said...

That has the COOLEST texture! What a find.

The Gomes Family said...

I love this canon ball that I discarded so quickly out of Elianna's reach now!

julia said...

Oh, Squatter in the Woods, oh, Naked Nymph of the Pool, of Canoe Thief in the Moonlight - it's me, little Julie, your compadre in all the aforementioned. I've been trying to reach you, but you are very insulated for an old RiverRat! Find me on Facebook!