Saturday, August 28, 2010

Caribbean Rite

I love the way this poster came together. For the background I began with an image I had saved on my computer just waiting for the right application. I duplicated it so I had two of them, flopped one of the duplicates and put it on top of the other. I moved them around until I began to see a "face" come together in a very subtle way. On top of that I placed another image which I hope the viewer will recognize - but not too quickly. All of these layers have a bit of transparency so that texture from each layer adds to the final version. Then the whole thing gets flattened into one finished background.

Finding the right font is always fun. I have used two, Blackadder and Tw Cen MT Condensed -one serif and one sans serif to compliment each other. The color for the fonts are "picked" out of the background.

It's always a challenge to include all of the text that Darrell asks for without destroying the background underneath, but I think it works here.

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