Sunday, August 10, 2008

New website ideas

I'm in the process of making a new website (sorely needed) and I'm toying with using this art (after painting of course) for the categories. Each animal would have a label, ie: books, portfolio, sketches, know how it works. Then when the mouse scrolls over the animal it would make a noise. Anywho, I'm not totally in love with this line drawing and might scrap the whole thing for something else...when I think of something else.


The Gomes Family said...

I love it! What a great idea, I am not surprised but what a great idea!

Robyn said...

So what sound does a turtle make?

Whether or not you use it for your website, you should paint it regardless (and gift it to the Browns for Christmas - wink, wink). I think it's great!

Robyn said...

I printed this out for my girls to color on Sunday. They have crayon restrictions in place at the moment for coloring on the door, the carpet, the table, the wall, the TV, the bed, the baby, etc. This will be quite the treat for them.