Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rat Fink

Sketches are due on Tuesday, the 1st of October and I'm not close to being done...aaargh! Rat Fink is a cute middle grade novel. Black and white interiors and color cover. Basically, Logan (10 year old boy) is not happy that his grandpa (think dementia) has come to live with his family. Grandpa does goofy going outside to pick flowers without getting dressed first, or as in part of this sketch, showing up at a school function and taking over the microphone to sing old songs. One thing Logan suggests to help grandpa find his way home is to give grandpa a camera. But it backfires on Logan when grandpa uses his camera to take a picture of Logan (left hand part of sketch), later used as fodder for blackmail by Logan's nemesis.

Two down, six to go.